"Robbie Rogers has inspired millions of people around the world. He has refused to let fear stop him from living and loving and his story will move you as it has me." - Anderson Cooper 

Robbie Rogers knows better than most that keeping secrets can crush you. But for much of his life Robbie lived in paralyzing fear that sharing his big secret would cost him the love of his family and his career as a professional soccer player. So he never told anyone what was destroying his soul, both on and off the field.

While the world around Robbie was changing with breathtaking speed, he knew that for a gay man playing a professional team sport it might as well be 1958. He could be a professional soccer player.  Or he could be an out gay man. He couldn’t do both. 

Then last year, at the age of twenty-five and after stepping away from a brilliant career—one that included an NCAA Championship, winning the MLS Cup, and competing in the Olympics—he chose to tell the truth. But instead of facing the rejection feared, he was embraced—by his family, by his teammates, and his fans. 

In Coming Out to Play, Robbie takes readers on his incredible journey from terrified teenager to a trailblazing out and proud professional soccer player for the L.A. Galaxy, who has embraced his new identity as a role model and champion for those still struggling with the secrets that keep them from living their dreams.



“Rogers made history… As the first openly gay male to play a game in a major professional team sport in North America, Rogers’ ascension to becoming a pioneer was complete. Rogers’ return was symbolic, poetic and seamless all at the same time.” - Avi Creditor, Sports Illustrated

“By standing up, coming out and continuing to play the sport he loves, Robbie Rogers has inspired millions of people around the world. He has refused to let fear stop him from living and loving and his story will move you as it has me." - Anderson Cooper

"Robbie Rogers is a courageous man who speaks his truth and lives his life in his truth. We all benefit when someone has the courage to tell their story like Robbie has done. Bravo." - Maria Shriver

"Robbie Rogers' story is as heroic on the field as it is off." - Marc Cuban

"Valuable insight into the myriad off-field issues that can affect footballers, and the impact they have on their careers... Reading about those tough experiences will be of benefit to many, players and fans alike." - Sky Sports



"This book was amazing...It gave me insight into how possibly a gay individual feels. I had no idea of the types of emotions they go through. I would highly recommend the book to anyone that is struggling with homosexuality and to their family and friends. It helps one to empathize with homosexuals in our current day society."

"I thought this was a really well-written and engrossing book. Rogers is a very complex person with many interests far beyond sports. He isn't afraid to portray himself or his actions as unsympathetic at times, and he doesn't excuse certain things he did. You can almost feel how tightly wound he was through most of his life, and how finally revealing his true self to his family was tremendously freeing and cathartic, and I'm not ashamed to admit, it (unsurprisingly) made me a little emotional."

"I hope that this book makes its way into the hands of those who need it most. Rogers may not have set out to be a role model, but he definitely is one, and we are fortunate that he is willing to share his journey and his feelings with us. Hopefully this book will change more than one mind, and make a difference in more than one life."

"Robbie is one brave human being and is doing something that no one else is doing... sharing his truth in professional sports where it didn't used to be accepted."

"This is an inspiring story that has already helped so many people around the world, and no matter where you are at in your life the message will inspire you to speak your truth, and support others in doing the same."